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Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0 in English and Bahasa Indonesia released

December 15, 2014 by  
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The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program is pleased to announce the release of the 2nd edition of the Coral Finder Toolkit – now available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. This release is an important landmark for our organisation which has come a long way since we launched our dream of practical, easy-to-grasp tools for coral […]

Training the Trainers

September 25, 2013 by  
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The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program (CICBP) is pleased to announce the arrival of our Trainer program. For the last year we have been building and testing a program of resources aimed at empowering people to effectively teach Indo Pacific hard coral identification. To do this we collaborated with the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area […]

The (r)evolution of coral taxonomy will not be televised.

July 8, 2013 by  
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Coral taxonomy, the science that underpins the art of coral identification is in flux. A quiet revolution is underway as researchers using molecular techniques are turning our traditional understanding of coral taxonomy upside down. While some taxa are unaffected there will definitely be some dramatic upheavals to certain areas of coral taxonomy. New families are […]

Coral-sponge interactions – new article in the ecology section of the Learning Centre

April 5, 2012 by  
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Corals might appear to be a dominant force on many reefs but they certainly do not have it all their own way. This article illustrates some common coral-sponge interactions where corals usually come off second best.

Coral Identification Workshops at Lizard Island

January 19, 2012 by  
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Two very special coral identification workshops are scheduled to run in conjunction with the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium. They’re special because they are to be held at the Lizard Island Research Station in the far northern section of the Great Barrier Reef – about 270km north of Cairns. Lizard Island is a remarkable place […]

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