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Training the Trainers

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The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program (CICBP) is pleased to announce the arrival of our Trainer program. For the last year we have been building and testing a program of resources aimed at empowering people to effectively teach Indo Pacific hard coral identification. To do this we collaborated with the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network (FLMMA) and partners to run a trial Trainers workshop at Mana Island, Fiji in November 2012. The testing and refinement of these workshop resources lead to the development of the Trainer Resource Kit which we are announcing today.

Trainer Resource Kit

The Trainer Resource Kit includes a Trainer Manual – a comprehensive recipe for running a Coral Finder workshop – accompanied by 2 resource disks that includes high quality files of the movies, presentations, forms, documents, A3 colour desktop exercises required to run the workshop as well three new Coral Finder Toolkit Test Yourself Image Series (20 specimens each as PPT’s and PDF’s).

We were delighted when just three months after becoming Coral Identification Capacity Building Program (CICBP) trainers, two of our participants Rizya Ardiwijaya (The Nature Conservancy, Indonesia) and Beginer Subhan (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) ran their own Coral Finder Workshop in Wakatobi and reproduced typical Coral Finder workshop results showing strong skill enhancement in coral identification.

Wakatobi Workshop Results February 2013

Wakatobi Workshop Results at Wangi Island - February 2013 (Click image to view)

“I liked the way the Coral Finder workflow simplified things. This tool is great for improving skills and for sharing knowledge and guiding others to improve their coral identification skills. I particularly valued the mentorship provided throughout the workshop from the CICBP instructors,” says Rizya.

“It was a great and valuable experience for us to try out Coral Finder training. Next time, we will run a longer workshop with more time for practice, as this is better for those with limited prior knowledge and new to genera level of coral identification,” Rizya says. The skills-building is making a real difference to his work with TNC. “We are partnering with and supporting organizations such as Reef Check Foundation Indonesia and Coral Reef Alliance and their networks across Indonesia in building skills to identify coral genera to support improved management of coral reef resources,” he says.

Beginer is using the Coral Finder in teaching activities and has delivered another training course at his university. “Being involved in the CICBP has given specific benefits to my work as I am now better at identifying corals, and my teaching of coral identification has also improved,” says Beginer. “This method is great for communicating about corals”.

The CICBP would like to acknowledge the support of Loraini Sivo (Conservation International) and Ron Vave (University South Pacific) and the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network, Mamanuca Environment Society and numerous other organizations in Fiji and Indonesia. We also acknowledge the support of the Australian Coral Reef Society, our staff, volunteers and the many people who have assisted us. Special thanks go to Pam Seeto, Bernd Cordes, Kristine Ashfield, John Claussen, Jenn Loder, Naneng Setiasih, Rizya Ardiwijaya and Beginer Subhan. We also thank workshop participants for their involvement and feedback about the Program.

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