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Coral Identification Workshops at Lizard Island

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Two very special coral identification workshops are scheduled to run in conjunction with the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium. They’re special because they are to be held at the Lizard Island Research Station in the far northern section of the Great Barrier Reef – about 270km north of Cairns. Lizard Island is a remarkable place […]

One day coral identification workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 29th August 2011

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The next CICBP Coral Identification Workshop will be  at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast, Queensland –  Monday 29th August 2011. The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program will be running a one-day fast-start coral identification workshop to be held immediately after the Australian Coral Reef Society Conference. The full day workshop will be based around the Coral […]

Building capacity in the centre of biodiversity

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In March 2011 the CICBP conducted 2 coral identification workshops in Sabah, Malaysia. The workshops were commissioned by Dr Elizabeth Wood of the UK based Marine Conservation Society in partnership with Sabah Parks with supporting funding was supplied by the Darwin initiative. Coral interested types with a good memory will recall that Elizabeth Wood as […]

The Coral Finder Toolkit Disc now available…

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Well we spent a fair bit of the silly season tidying up the Coral Hub in preparation to export it off-line.  The off-line version of the Coral Hub will be included as part of the Coral Finder Toolkit Disc. This disc is an important part of the CICBP’s Stage 1 deliverables because it can used […]

Gardineroseris lives!!!

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Power users of the Coral Finder may have noticed the curious omission of the genus Gardineroseris from Version 1 of the Indo Pacific Coral Finder.  Let’s just say that I was going through a period of low self esteem after three years of pre-publication struggle, and I didn’t have a decent photograph…whatever,  I’m sure I had a reason. […]

Learning to live with Leptoseris

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Now that the Coral Hub Learning Centre is up and running we are beginning to roll out our genus pages starting with the beautiful and sometimes vexing genus Leptoseris. The purpose of the genus pages is to support our main mission i.e. to create a bridge between the field and theory as it relates to […]