Saturday, August 19, 2017


Coral Hub Acknowledgements

The Coral Hub has is the result of much thought by many people. To everybody who made time, expertise, images and suggestions available – thank you!

With the launch of the second edition of the Coral Finder Toolkit the Coral Identification Capacity Building Program (CICBP) is pleased to note that in a few short years we have gone from the “dream” of a practical solution to coral identification capacity building to having trained ~400 people in coral ID. Moreover we also now have certified trainers extending knowledge and skills in the Pacific and Indonesia. Now our resources are available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. The Indonesian language of a totally revised Coral Finder Toolkit has benefitted from the skills, perseverance and dedication of Rizya Ardiwijaya and Beginer Subhan and the support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

The Coral Hub was conceived, written, edited, wrangled, badgered, fiddled and tampered with by Russell Kelley.

Web design and WordPress mastery by Andreas Wagner, Cool Planet Design.

Web management, production graphics and editing by Marie Roman.

An extra special thank you to Kirsty Nash for her formidable efforts in the early content and structural development of the Coal Hub. Kirsty also led the development of the evaluation protocol.

International thanks to the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network – Ron Vave and Loraini Sivo and many others – for the fabulous collaboration provided in support of the development of the Coral Finder Toolkit.

Institutional thanks to the University of the South Pacific for staff and facility support.

Warm thanks to Ed Lovell for technical, scientific and collegial support, and for keeping the flame of coral taxonomy burning bright in the Fiji region.

Profound thanks to Lyndon Devantier and Emre Turak – friends, colleagues and field scientists of great experience and wisdom.

Overarching thanks to Charlie Veron and Mary Stafford-Smith (see below).

Ineffable thanks to my wife and partner in life – Rachel Pears.  Thank you for so many things.

The Coral Identification Capacity Building Program (CICBP) is a David and Lucile Packard Foundation funded program with the goal to increase the number of people actively using coral identification skills in community, scientific and resource monitoring and assessment initiatives.  The CICBP was conducted in partnership with the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network. The CICBP has supported development of the Coral Hub website in 2010.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of Reef Check Australia, South Pacific Projects, the Australian Coral Reef Society, our staff, volunteers and the many people who have assisted us.

All errors are mine.

Russell Kelley, Alligator Creek, 2010

Special Guests Acknowledgments

Andy Lewis, John Pandolfi, Morgan Pratchett, Phil Woodhead, Keshavmurthy Shashank, Dana Riddle, Zac Forsman, John Jell

Coral Finder Acknowledgements

The Coral Finder could not have happened without the support of Charlie Veron and Mary Stafford-Smith who made available images from Corals of the World. Charlie is a true visionary and the Coral Finder is dedicated to extending his life’s work and passionate advocacy for coral reefs.

Another special credit goes to the Australian Coral Reef Society (ACRS), the oldest organisation in the world concerned with the study and protection of coral reefs. The ACRS supported the early development of the Coral Finder when no-one else would. To Charlie, Mary and the ACRS – thank you.

The following people donated images or time to bring the Coral Finder to life: Ken Anthony, Chico Birrell, Clay Bryce, Lyndon Devantier, Ryan Donnelly, Doug Fenner, Richard Fitzpatrick, Kate Green, Steve Green, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Anne Hoggett, Andy Lewis, Ed Lovell, Jim Maragos, Justin Marshall, Kirsten Michalek-Wagner, Paul Muir, Kirsty Nash, Annika Noreen, John Pandolfi, Gustav Pauley, Rachel Pears, Morgan Pratchett, Marie Roman, Qamar Schuyler, Brett Shorthouse, Lyle Squire, Roger Steene, Loraini Sivo, Keoki Stender, Emre Turak, Lyle Vail, Tony van Merwyk, Ron Vave, Andreas Wagner, Carden Wallace, Selina Ward, Jackie Wolstenholme, Phil Woodhead, Len Zell.