Saturday, August 19, 2017

Coral Finder Toolkit

About the Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0

The Coral Finder Toolkit is made up of the Coral Finder, the Coral Hub website and the Coral Finder Toolkit disc. The Coral Finder Toolkit provides practical tools for learning coral identification (in English and Bahasa Indonesia). Most importantly it empowers the user to do this where it really matters…. underwater.

The Coral Hub website is a resource with a graded learning pathway for self-paced learning for beginner through intermediate to advanced level knowledge.

The Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0

The Coral Finder (Kelley, 2009):

  • is a 34 page robust plastic book that can be used underwater (or topside)
  • facilitates identification of 66 of the most common Indo-Pacific hard coral genera, and 5 additional groups easily confused with hard corals
  • gives the name of the coral genus in about a minute and requires little reference to text.
  • the 2nd edition (2011) refines the learning experience based on what we having trained over 400 people in Coral Finder workshops.

The Coral Hub website includes:

  • a complete video training course (Training Movies: available in English and in Bahasa Indonesian, Revision Movies) aimed at bringing beginners through to intermediate level coral identification anywhere in the Indo Pacific
  • self revision tools for people wishing to refresh their coral identification skills.
  • a jargon busting terminology tool (the Termigator) to simplify basic coral taxonomy
  • links to deeper knowledge.

The Coral Finder Toolkit:

  • empowers motivated individuals to learn coral identification
  • contains science accurate, plain language visual training resources
  • synthesises the basics of coral identification in a practical, engaging and visually rich way
  • is a “real world to theory” translator between:

–      coral field identification using the Coral Finder and systematic scientific knowledge

–      visual and text based information

–      a coral’s tissue and its skeleton

–      the underwater and topside worlds

  • distils expert wisdom on coral identification
  • has resulted in a high (~80%) transfer of skills to the workplace.