Saturday, August 19, 2017

Learning centre

The Coral Hub Learning Centre is home to the Coral Finder Toolkit training / revision movies and Self Testing Resources. Together the Coral Finder, the Coral Hub website and the Coral Finder Toolkit Disc make up the Coral Finder Toolkit.

Learning Pathway

Consult this page for our learning pathway recipe for getting the best out of the Coral Finder Toolkit resources.

The Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0 Training Movies

View the Coral Finder Toolkit 2.0 Training Movies in English or view them in Bahasa Indonesia for a complete a course in basic coral identification. They will enable you to identify 70 Indo-Pacific coral genera. These movies establish the basics of coral anatomy before showing you how to use the Coral Finder to recognize genera and ultimately how to solve the main problems confronting beginners.

The Coral Finder Toolkit Revision Movies

Once you have completed the Coral Finder Toolkit Training Movies you will want to put this knowledge to practical use. The problem for many people is the limited opportunity to practice their identification skills on a coral reef.  The 3 Coral Finder Toolkit Revision Movies allow you to practice before you go into the field so you can build up your coral identification muscles.

Self Testing Resources

Beyond the hold-your-hand approach of the Coral Finder Toolkit Revision movies lie the Self Testing Resources that you can download and try yourself or use to teach others. They are a great way to “warm up” your ID skills before your next fieldtrip.

Coral Finder Glossary Translations

Go here to find the terms used in the Coral Finder Glossary translated into other languages. The CICBP would like to thank the hundreds of people who have attended Training Workshops throughout the Indo Pacific for helping us to develop these resources!

Oldies but Goodies

Here lie the remains of some early audiovisual efforts which users might find of historic interest (Call him sentimental. – Editor). It took a while to develop the style of the Coral Finder Training movie series and in these early efforts you can see where it all started. (i.e. “Old and busted vs. the new hotness” – Editor). Certainly the Tips and Tricks movie is worth a look for workflow reasons. (He just wants to improve his YouTube stats – Editor).

Terms of Use

The Coral Finder Toolkit resources are copyright the CICBP © and you may use them for your own non-commercial activities. It must not be repackaged without permission of the CICBP.  The Indo Pacific Coral Finder is copyright Russell Kelley, 2009 © and available from