Saturday, August 19, 2017


Hawksbill turtle eating Plerogyra

Hawksbill turtle eating Plerogyra coral colony at Sipadan, Sabah, Malaysia

The articles in this section of the Coral Hub are dedicated to interesting aspects of coral ecology in the broader natural history sense. Specifically things that anyone diving on a coral reef will eventually come across but which may not be obvious at first glance. Like the Hawksbill turtle tucking into a nice “juicy” bubble coral – Plerogyra – opposite. Feel free to contact me with images or suggestions for articles.


Chalinula nematifera overgrowing Pocillopora - sponge overgrowth

The sponge Chalinula nematifera overgrowing the coral Pocillopora

Corals might appear to be a dominant force on many reefs but they certainly do not have it all their own way. This article illustrates some common coral-sponge interactions where corals usually come off second best.