Thursday, August 24, 2017

CFT 3: Introduction to corals

Part of the Coral Finder Toolkit Training Movie Series

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Contents:  why should we care about corals?  –  corals as keystones  –  threats and risks  –  lack of coral identification capacity  –  the Coral Finder Toolkit  –  genus vs species  –  unique characteristics  –  the genus as a natural learning group  –  role of genus level information in assessing reef health and status  –  “seeing the species”, the road to species level identification  –  an introduction to corals  –  what is a hard coral?  –  polyps  –  skeleton  –  six fold symmetry  –  coral anatomy and the glossary page of the Coral Finder  –  the bridge between underwater and topside coral world  –  the terms you need to know  –  the polyp’s tissue and skeleton  –  terms associated with the polyp’s tissue  –  terms associated with the coral skeleton  –  exceptions to the rule  –  role of ornament  –  using the Coral Finder’s terms to uniquely describe a coral genus  –  recognising and ignoring  the exception’s to the rule  –  bringing it all together  –  overcoming variation with environment  –  towards species identification  –  terminology primer at the Coral Hub.