Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tips, tricks and accessories

Old and busted but worth a look. This video dares to ask the big questions like…  Is there room for humour in coral identification?

Original text follows:

The Coral Finder is a robust underwater book designed and tested for the harsh life equipment experiences diving and boating dive trips in the tropics. At the end of your dive trip just wash it in fresh water and dry it like you would your dive gear.

People who work underwater (dive masters, survey teams, scientists and students) will recognise that the Coral Finder may well be one of the first tools actually designed from the bottom up (;-) for underwater use. From the innovative visual logic to the inbuilt protective covers and coatings BYOGUIDES has made every effort to bring the benefits learnt from decades of underwater experience.

The following tips and tricks video captures or preferred workflow for underwater convenience but is by no means the only way to use the Coral Finder – feel free to let us know how you put all this underwater goodness to use!

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