Saturday, August 19, 2017

Self testing resources

This is the landing page for Coral Finder Toolkit test yourself resources.

Self testing image kits

Each self testing kit contains a presentation of 20 numbered slides (1920 pixel wide) in both PowerPoint and PDF format. You can use these presentations to test yourself before field work or to train others.

Just download the ZIP file and uncompress to reveal the files. Each slide has a coral in wide, mid and close-up view.

View the images as a slideshow and identify them using the Coral Finder. Each specimen has the scale indicated which is essential to accurate identification. The accompanying text file contains the names of the genera shown – i.e. the answers – NO peaking!

These high quality images are for non-commercial educational, teaching or training purposes only. Other than for non-commercial educational activities you may not repurpose, publish, sell or in any way licence these images. These images remain the property of the CICBP.

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