Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Common walls – Cerioid

(Types of corallite arrangement)

Where neighbouring corallites share walls, the colony is said to be cerioid. The genus Favites (p. 14 of the Coral Finder) has common walls. Note shared walls and fused walls are synonyms.

(Photo of favites and from glossary page)

When corallites share a common wall they are cerioid.

Examples of corals with common walls - cerioid - clockwise from top left: Acanthastrea, Goniastrea, Leptastrea & Coeloseris.

Corals with corallites sharing common walls that meander across the colony surface are termed meandroid - clockwise from top left: 2 species of Platygyra, Leptoria, Platygyra & Symphyllia.