Thursday, August 24, 2017

Foliose ↔ Spires

This grouping is one of the most variable; the terms used all describe thin plate colonies growing into a range of intricate and often delicate forms.

The plates may form tiers, whorls or vases (e.g. p.18 of the Coral Finder), which are stacked in a complex, multi-layered arrangement.  Where plates are near-vertical they may be described as leafy or lettuce-like (e.g. Pavona, p. 20 of the Coral Finder), or where the plates are narrow, as flutes and spires (e.g. Pectinia, p. 20 of the Coral Finder).

Colonies made from plates can take many forms e.g. tiers and vases - two species of the genus Montipora.

Colonies made from plates can be leafy or form spires - the genus Pavona (left) and Pectinia (right).