Thursday, August 24, 2017

Skeletal Ornament

There are an array of other structures found on the surface of the skeleton, most of which are fairly self-explanatory.  A few pointers may be required however: beads or beaded spinules are fine, spherical bumps (e.g. Echinopora, p. 19 of the Coral Finder), whereas ragged spinules look like irregular dashed lines (e.g. Astreopora, p.10 of the Coral Finder).

Corals can show a wide range of skeletal ornament - e.g. beads on the coenosteum between corallites in the genus Echinopora.

Septa, costae and septocostae may have ornament. Here a coral in the genus Lobophyllia shows large septal teeth. Underwater the presence of these teeth may be seen in the polyp's tissue.