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Gardineroseris lives!!!

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Gardineroseris has a beautiful sculpted appearance.

Power users of the Coral Finder may have noticed the curious omission of the genus Gardineroseris from Version 1 of the Indo Pacific Coral Finder.  Let’s just say that I was going through a period of low self esteem after three years of pre-publication struggle, and I didn’t have a decent photograph…whatever,  I’m sure I had a reason. Ever since I published the Coral Finder it has been on my mind, Gardineroseris planulata is, after all, a common and beautiful coral found across the Indo Pacific.

Those of you familiar with the Coral Finder Toolkit training movies in the Coral Hub Learning Centre will have noticed that I confessed my sins in Revision Movie 3.  Well as part of my penance I have now added Gardineroseris to the A-Z genus index. I hope you enjoy learning to recognise this exquisite and distinctive living work of art!


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