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Learning to live with Leptoseris

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The genus Leptoseris

The genus Leptoseris

Now that the Coral Hub Learning Centre is up and running we are beginning to roll out our genus pages starting with the beautiful and sometimes vexing genus Leptoseris. The purpose of the genus pages is to support our main mission i.e. to create a bridge between the field and theory as it relates to coral identification. The Coral FInder allows you to make systematic coral observations underwater and now you can cross reference those observations into the Coral Hub, and on to Corals of the World if you so choose.  The genus pages are designed to help you recognise a coral genus regardless of the growth forms shown by its species.

In the case of Leptoseris you will find a an overview slideshow that summarises the many “looks” of Leptoseris as well similar genus comparison galleries with tips and tricks for recognising genera you may confuse it with – enjoy!

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