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The Coral Finder Toolkit Disc now available…

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Well we spent a fair bit of the silly season tidying up the Coral Hub in preparation to export it off-line.  The off-line version of the Coral Hub will be included as part of the Coral Finder Toolkit Disc. This disc is an important part of the CICBP’s Stage 1 deliverables because it can used in remote and low bandwidth regions. Between the Coral Hub website and the Coral Finder Toolkit Disc it is now possible to access free high quality coral identification training resources virtually anywhere in the Indo Pacific. The Disc is available at cost plus postage and handling. The training movies can be accessed in a variety of formats i.e. DVD disc for use in a stand alone or computer based DVD player or as computer files in HD quality H264 and Windows Media formats.

With the delivery of the disc format the CICBP has completed the Coral Finder Toolkit (or Stage 1) of our program.  We  very much look forward to expanding the scope of the Coal Hub as well as beginning development on some new general benthic survey tools.  These new tools will be designed to provide students, marine resource and conservation practitioners with a solid foundation in basic tropical biology.  Workshop feedback and our own research indicate the best way to prepare people to take an interest in coral identification is to help people to recognize just what is a coral in the first place!!  – hence the future emphasis on preparatory benthic tools for ocean literacy.

We wish you a happy 2011.

Russell Kelley

CICBP Program Director

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